The difference between domestic and international marketing

Fundamentally, domestic and international marketing are the same things which involve a company reaching out to its potential customers. However, when one delves deeper into the two topics, you will notice some stark differences. For instance, the scope of domestic market is limited to as long as the product reaches its maturity stage in the life-cycle. At this point, international markets present a wider scope of options which do not dry up. In a globalised world a successful person can never be indifferent to the progress around him. International markets helps knowledge sharing and technology sharing between different countries in order to come up with the best possible outcome. In international marketing, culture and regional differences of people become all the more important. While it is not possible to customise your product for every single city you sell to, it is not possible to offer the same product to completely different people too.  International marketing is more challenging because the company has to find the right language, symbols, metaphors and customs to strike the right cord with people in different countries. It is at this point one should ask oneself “Can I succeed in international markets without adopting a unique marketing strategy that is different from what I use back at home?” The Chinese market is an interesting place to analyse to answer our question.  Many of the successful brands like McDonalds and Mattel (Barbie dolls) did not do very well in the Chinese market. This is because of simple reasons like a menu without a lot of chicken did not appeal to the chicken loving Chinese and the Barbie was just not enough of a cultural icon for the people to consider it a collectible! Even the biggest brands had to learn a costly lesson before understanding the difference between international and domestic marketing. However, with sensitivity, respect for differences all over the world, and an expert eye giving you the right strategy, international marketing is an art you can master!