Smart Mango is your local partner in Australia to research, prospect, enter the market, communicate and showcase. It is estimated that working with a local partner like us could help you save between 30 to 50% of your prospection budget and two to three years of market entry process.

Our Services


Understanding your target market and finding out about opportunities for your products or services is key before engaging further time, money and resource into an export project. Our market research will provide you with insights into market trends, regulations, competitors, prices and customers. We conduct primary and secondary research to get the most updated information and the more specific to your business.


Smart Mango offers this unique and professional service assisting companies in finding strong distributors, agents or partners for their products or services abroad. Good distributors, whether agents, importers or joint ventures will allow a quick start to find new export sales. The key problem, however, is to find the right distributor.


Preparing for market entry is essential to any international marketing plan. Smart Mango prepares your marketing plan with an eye toward every current trend and trade in your geographic, demographic and psychographic area. This marketing plan then becomes your roadmap to success with your international marketing.


Smart Mango offers a virtual export manager program that has been designed precisely to assist exporters to increase their overseas sales by providing funding to engage a seasoned export professional to provide ‘hands-on’ practical support on a specific time-limited export-related project which addresses an issue that they alone are unable to undertake.


Tradeshows are invaluable ways of generating leads, establishing business relationships, getting awareness and promoting your products and services globally. It is also a good opportunity to test the potential of your offer with a different target audience. At the same time, it can be difficult for a company to select, plan and attend a relevant tradeshow overseas.


Smart Mango offers international marketing, export, and marketing workshops to help familiarise yourself with how the strategic plan should be carried out. This is to ensure a successful market entry or international marketing roll out and implementation, but also it helps to generate greater commitment from employees and help the company become more autonomous and keep up with marketing.