Industry Marketing Insights: Smart HealthTech for Australia


Last week, our podcast delved into the exciting future of smart health technology and its impact on our daily lives. With an annual growth rate of 6.5%, compared to the healthcare industry’s 1.6% annual growth rate, the possibilities of smart health technology are endless.

In this article, we continue the conversation by exploring 3 ways to start marketing your Smart HealthTech products for the Australian market.

Personalise, personalise, personalise

Personalisation of your marketing strategy will pay dividends. While health and wellbeing are highly valued by individuals in Australia, each individual’s health and fitness journey varies significantly depending on their age, lifestyle, and goals. A professional surfer completing his training session and a corporate employee joining a fitness class after their 9-5 would have completely different needs in terms of their nutrition and activity level.

Successful personalised marketing allows you to tailor your campaign and align your offerings with the specific needs and preferences of your targeted audience. Market research helps define your ideal target consumers’ profile to figure out which sales/advertising/marketing methods work best for your offerings.

User-generated content = trust

Trust derived from hearing about how well a product works from a friend or family member can’t be replicated. With the prevalence of group fitness classes in Australia in recent years, health and fitness is a community-based undertaking as much as a personal one, so leverage user-generated content in your marketing campaign. Encourage user-generated reviews and testimonials for authenticity. Not only will user-generated content be cost-efficient, but it also allows for an outreach built on trust and influence.

Emotion over economics

Instead of purely emphasising the economics of the product, add a human element to the messaging of your marketing content. Australians today are incorporating more technology to support their health-conscious lifestyle. With that, the product’s features and how it will impact the customer’s daily life and the lives of those around them should be a central theme of your marketing campaign. Creating a solid message that emphasises emotion over economics will allow your message to resonate more deeply with the audience.

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