[two_third valign=”top” animation=”none”] What is International Marketing?
  • International marketing is the application of marketing strategies and actions to at least one overseas country
What is the difference between international marketing and global marketing?
  • We would like to consider international marketing to be marketing adapted to the target country (ies) while global marketing on the other hand refers to standardised marketing. International marketing applies to at least one overseas country and is more suitable for PME or new entrants. Global marketing is generally for firms doing business in multiple geographic areas and is more effective for large and very notorious brands.
Do you do normal marketing?
  • Yes, as smart mango we specialise in international marketing but we do marketing audits and strategies for companies with local target
Do you only work for services or can you help marketing products?
  • It will depend on the products and on the marketing you may be targeting. We can help companies market high-added-value products overseas
Can you also help selling?
  • We can assist in the negotiation process if we have prior worked with the company in marketing.
How long will it take to see results?
  • Marketing in general is long term process; when applied to international business it needs patient and generally takes a longer time to see the result especially for new entrants. However, our international marketing strategies are designed to help reduce barriers and accelerate international business development process.