Australian Border Reopening 2022 – Time to Streamline Your New Exporting Project Down Under!

Australia in one of the major economics in the Asia Pacific starting to reopen to double vaccinated tourists from February 21 this year.  COVID-19 restrictions have impacted travel to Australia since early 2020 and this will be the first time its borders will be open without significant restrictions and quarantine requirements. This is big news for many exporting businesses who have been affected by the pandemic. There’s no doubt the tourism industry will experience positive growth, and at the same time there are wide number of implications for exporters seeking to expand to the Australian market. Australia’s unique time zone position in between Europe and the Americas makes it a prime location to conduct business, both regionally and globally. Close relations between the Australian Government and European and American nations, as well as cultural and geographic affinities with Asian Pacific nations, also ensure that Australia is a strategic location for companies to be based or to establish their overseas offices. ross parmly rf6ywHVkrlY unsplash e1645150818746 What do borders re-opening mean for your exporting business? Despite two years of border closures, the Australian economy has been remarkably resilient. Retail sector spending has surged, with a 4.9 percent rise in October 2021 as Australia emerged from a tough pandemic lockdown. Furthermore, the resources, energy and agriculture sector have experienced continual growth throughout the pandemic. With borders re-opening, GDP is expected to grow by 4.1% in 2022. The upcoming border reopening represent a good chance for exporters to streamline their international expansion projects in Australia. Project managers will now be able to meet key distributors, clients or partners face to face rather than having a virtual meeting, which is always a plus when forming business relationships. Companies are also now able to bring over their readily skilled or trained workers to Australia. This is a huge advantage especially for newly established businesses seeking to consolidate their operations overseas and don’t want to go through the costly and uncertain process of hiring new staff. Being able to visit Australia to have first-hand experience its culture and local markets can offer expanding business more certainty in their exporting projects. It can also allow project managers to get more options about the market and how they can effectively enter. Free Trade Agreement talks with countries like India as well as the Pacific and EU may also be back on the table with economic activity picking up and more incoming foreign visitors. Overall borders reopening market a positive sign that Australian’s economy is to get back on track. Smart Mango is a Sydney based export marketing development agency. With borders reopening, we can help you scour the local market. One the other hand, if travelling to Australia isn’t in your 2022 agenda, don’t worry – Smart Mango can be your local business representative. Contact one of our specialists today Phone: +61 2 7903 0543 Email: