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Where’s the Opportunity?

The shapewear market is a relatively new market in Australia valued at approximately $40.02 million AUD. The industry has undergone a transformation over recent years with increasing awareness for body positivity leading to a wider range of products available for different body shapes and skin colours. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have launched their own line of shapewear which spur on further growth and consumer awareness of shapewear. Surge in retail and e-commerce spending has created favourable conditions for shapewear businesses to expand. The growth in the female population in Australia has also been beneficial for the industry. Females aged 15 – 45 are the industry’s primary market for shapewear. This is a wide market and brands can specialise in certain age groups. Furthermore, Australia’s shapewear industry is relatively new and relies highly on imports. There are also no major players in the industry. These combined factors make it a favourable industry to target for overseas businesses. 

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Consumer sentiment in Australia’s shapewear market is driven by a need for comfort and support. Local brands such as Cotton On Body focus on soft, comfortable, and breathable material. Bodysuits have been rising in popularity alongside cropped V-neck tops. Many major brands such as Skims offer multiple choice for different skin colours. Any product line in Australia should prioritise diversity and inclusion.


Price points depend on the targeted age groups. Consumers aged 15 – 34 tend to favour lower priced items and are more inclined to purchase shapewear that are inexpensive. For example, brand like cotton on offer shape wear ranging from $25 – $40.  Online retailer SHEIN offers shapewear starting from $12.95. On the other hand, consumers aged 35 up tend to have more stead incomes and are more willing to spend on higher priced shapewear that are durable and of good quality. Premium brands are likely to do well in this age group. They range from prices $50 and up. 


Promotion also depends on target age group. Consumers aged 15 – 34 tend to be highly brand conscious and follow fashion trends closely. On the other hand, those aged 35 up will likely prioritise premium quality. In general shapewear continues to be marketed with an emphasis on technological advancement (ie lighter and firmer materials) and comfort. A brands overall marketing strategy in Australia should be multicultural orientated. It should also focus on body positivity and diversity.  


An e-commerce presence is key to capturing market share. This is important because shapewear is gaining more traction and popularity on social media, and this trend has been led by social influencers. The use of influencer marketing through affiliate links and sponsored social media posts can be a powerful way to generate new leads

Our strategic takeaways

The shapewear market continues to remain an untapped and relatively new market in Australia making it an exciting place for exporters wanting to enter the market. Some of the challenges will be market education, however social media and the rise of e-commerce retailing present new opportunities for product awareness. The industry may just be one of the driving forces of transformation and body positive messaging in the years to come.  

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